Innovative Communication

Modernteer has strived to continue the improvement in the services and the communication instruments to assure our modernization that always meets the communication of the current generation. We gain the confidence from the customer herein service of “Modernteer”.


Strategic Planning, Crisis Communication, Content Development, Traditional & Digital, Big Data for Communication Analysis, Media Planning

Public Relation

Press&Photo Relase, Media Relation, Exclusive&Group Interview, Press Conference, Press Tour&Press Visit, Social&Digital PR


Influencer & Micro Management, Social Media Management, KOL Strategy & Implementation, Web Development


Graphic Design, Infographic, Motion Graphic, Video Presentation, Viral Clip, TVC


Brand Activation, Product&Service Launch, Conference, Grand Opening, Road show&Workshop, CSR


How are we different?


Data Insight

We apply reliable data into the communication, public relation and the management into event organizing including the content production to assure the effectiveness at its highest precision.


We use analysis and evaluation by dedicated and specialized team. This is to know the achievement of the operation and assistance in the planning of the efficient communication.


We care and focus on producing the quality content and meeting the needs of the recipient content which is done by using big data and data analysis techniques to assist in directing the content production.


We have wide connection with the variety of news media, working with media relation team experienced over 10 years in mass media field.

Flexible & Service mind

Because of prioritizing working performance, so that we always provide high flexibility and service mind to the customers.